March 13th All Events

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March 13th, 2008 (March 13 2008)EventGold prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange hit $1,000.00 an ounce for the first time.
March 13th, 2007 (March 13 2007)DeathArnold Skaaland, American professional wrestler (born in 1925)
March 13th, 2006 (March 13 2006)DeathJimmy Johnstone, Scottish footballer (born in 1944)John Scott Quotes
March 13th, 2006 (March 13 2006)DeathMaureen Stapleton, American actress (born in 1925)
March 13th, 2006 (March 13 2006)DeathPeter Tomarken, American game show host (Press Your Luck) (born in 1942)
March 13th, 2005 (March 13 2005)EventTerry Ratzmann shoots and kills six members of the Living Church of God and the minister at Sheraton Inn in Brookfield, Wisconsin before killing himself.
March 13th, 2004 (March 13 2004)DeathFranz Konig, Austrian Catholic Archbishop of Vienna (born in 1905)
March 13th, 2003 (March 13 2003)EventHuman evolution: The journal Nature reports that 350,000-year-old footprints of an upright-walking human have been found in Italy.
March 13th, 2002 (March 13 2002)DeathHans-Georg Gadamer, German philosopher (born in 1900) Philo Quotes
March 13th, 2001 (March 13 2001)DeathEncarnacion Alzona, Filipino historian (born in 1895)
March 13th, 1999 (March 13 1999)BirthWiktoria Gasiewska, Polish actress
March 13th, 1999 (March 13 1999)DeathLee Falk, American cartoonist (born in 1911)
March 13th, 1999 (March 13 1999)DeathGarson Kanin, American writer and director (born in 1912)
March 13th, 1999 (March 13 1999)DeathBidu Sayao, Brazilian born soprano (born in 1902)
March 13th, 1998 (March 13 1998)DeathBill Reid, Canadian artist (born in 1920)
March 13th, 1998 (March 13 1998)DeathHans von Ohain, German engineer (born in 1911)
March 13th, 1997 (March 13 1997)EventIndia s Missionaries of Charity chooses Sister Nirmala to succeed Mother Teresa as its leader.
March 13th, 1997 (March 13 1997)EventThe Phoenix lights were seen over Phoenix, Arizona by hundreds of people, and by millions on television. They are now a hotly debated controversy.
March 13th, 1996 (March 13 1996)EventDunblane massacre: in Dunblane, Scotland, 16 children and 1 teacher are shot dead by a spree killer who then commits suicide.
March 13th, 1996 (March 13 1996)DeathKrzysztof Kieslowski, Polish film director (born in 1941)
March 13th, 1995 (March 13 1995)DeathLeon Day, American baseball player (born in 1916)
March 13th, 1995 (March 13 1995)DeathOdette, French-born WWII heroine (born in 1912)
March 13th, 1992 (March 13 1992)EventAn earthquake registering 6.8 on the Richter scale kills over 500 in Erzincan, eastern Turkey.
March 13th, 1991 (March 13 1991)EventThe United States Justice Department announces that Exxon has agreed to pay $1 billion for the clean-up of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.
March 13th, 1990 (March 13 1990)BirthAlec Medlock, American actor
March 13th, 1990 (March 13 1990)DeathBruno Bettelheim, American psychiatrist (born in 1903)
March 13th, 1990 (March 13 1990)DeathKarl Munchinger, German conductor (born in 1915)
March 13th, 1989 (March 13 1989)EventA geomagnetic storm causes the collapse of the Hydro-Quebec power gridied in Six million people were left without power for nine hours.
March 13th, 1989 (March 13 1989)BirthHarry Melling, British actor
March 13th, 1988 (March 13 1988)DeathJohn Holmes, American porn star (born in 1944)
March 13th, 1987 (March 13 1987)BirthMarco Andretti, American racecar driver (grandson of Mario Andretti)
March 13th, 1986 (March 13 1986)EventMicrosoft has its Initial public offering.
March 13th, 1986 (March 13 1986)BirthChiaki Kyan, Japanese gravure idol
March 13th, 1985 (March 13 1985)BirthEmile Hirsch, American actor
March 13th, 1985 (March 13 1985)BirthAustin Scott, American football player
March 13th, 1985 (March 13 1985)BirthAlcides, Brazilian football player
March 13th, 1984 (March 13 1984)BirthRachael Bella, actress
March 13th, 1984 (March 13 1984)BirthPieter Custers, Dutch athlete
March 13th, 1984 (March 13 1984)BirthNoel Fisher, Canadian actor
March 13th, 1984 (March 13 1984)BirthYuuka Nanri, Japanese seiyu
March 13th, 1984 (March 13 1984)BirthMarc Zwiebler, German badminton player
March 13th, 1983 (March 13 1983)BirthKaitlin Sandeno, American swimmer
March 13th, 1983 (March 13 1983)DeathLouison Bobet, French cyclist (born in 1925)
March 13th, 1982 (March 13 1982)BirthNicole Ohlde, WNBA basketball player
March 13th, 1981 (March 13 1981)BirthStephen Maguire, Scottish snooker player
March 13th, 1980 (March 13 1980)BirthCaron Butler, American basketballer
March 13th, 1980 (March 13 1980)BirthLee Jung-hyun, South Korean pop singer and actress
March 13th, 1980 (March 13 1980)BirthMolly Stanton, American actress
March 13th, 1979 (March 13 1979)EventThe New Jewel Movement, headed by Maurice Bishop, ousts Prime Minister Eric Gairy in a nearly bloodless coup d etat in Grenada.
March 13th, 1979 (March 13 1979)BirthJohan Santana, Venezuelan baseball player
March 13th, 1979 (March 13 1979)BirthSpanky G, American musician (Bloodhound Gang)
March 13th, 1979 (March 13 1979)BirthCedric Van Branteghem, Belgian athlete
March 13th, 1978 (March 13 1978)BirthTom Danielson, American cyclist
March 13th, 1978 (March 13 1978)BirthKarina Smirnoff, Ukrainian dancer
March 13th, 1978 (March 13 1978)BirthKenny Watson, American football player
March 13th, 1977 (March 13 1977)BirthEd Sloan, American musician (Crossfade)
March 13th, 1977 (March 13 1977)BirthMomo Sylla, Guinean footballer
March 13th, 1977 (March 13 1977)BirthKay Tse, Hong Kong singer
March 13th, 1976 (March 13 1976)BirthJames Dewees, musician
March 13th, 1976 (March 13 1976)BirthDanny Masterson, American actor
March 13th, 1975 (March 13 1975)DeathIvo Andric, Serbo-Croatian writer, Nobel laureateIvo Andric Quotes
March 13th, 1974 (March 13 1974)BirthThomas Enqvist, Swedish tennis player
March 13th, 1974 (March 13 1974)BirthVampeta, Brazilian footballer
March 13th, 1973 (March 13 1973)BirthEdgar Davids, Dutch footballer
March 13th, 1973 (March 13 1973)BirthDavid Draiman, American musician and songwriter (Disturbed)
March 13th, 1973 (March 13 1973)BirthBobby Jackson, American basketballer
March 13th, 1972 (March 13 1972)BirthCommon, American rapper
March 13th, 1972 (March 13 1972)DeathTony Ray-Jones, British photographer (born in 1941)
March 13th, 1971 (March 13 1971)BirthAnnabeth Gish, American actress
March 13th, 1971 (March 13 1971)BirthRobert Lanham, American author and satirist
March 13th, 1970 (March 13 1970)BirthTim Story, American film director
March 13th, 1969 (March 13 1969)EventApollo program: Apollo 9 returns safely to Earth after testing the Lunar Module.
March 13th, 1968 (March 13 1968)BirthAkira Nogami, Japanese professional wrestler
March 13th, 1967 (March 13 1967)BirthAndres Escobar, Colombian footballer (died in 1994)
March 13th, 1965 (March 13 1965)DeathCorrado Gini, Italian statistician (born in 1884)
March 13th, 1965 (March 13 1965)DeathFan S. Noli, Albanian bishop, poet, and politician (born in 1882)
March 13th, 1965 (March 13 1965)DeathVittorio Jano, Italian engineer (born in 1891)
March 13th, 1964 (March 13 1964)BirthWill Clark, American baseball player
March 13th, 1964 (March 13 1964)DeathKitty Genovese, American murder victim (born in 1935)
March 13th, 1963 (March 13 1963)BirthFito Paez, Argentine musician and songwriter
March 13th, 1963 (March 13 1963)DeathAustin Dobson, British racing driver (born in 1912)
March 13th, 1962 (March 13 1962)EventLyman Lemnitzer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, delivers a proposal, called Operation Northwoods, regarding performing terrorist attacks in Guantanamo Bay, to Secretary of Defense Robert Mcnamara. The proposal is scrapped and President John F. Kennedy removes Lemnitzer from his position.Robert McNamara Quotes
March 13th, 1960 (March 13 1960)BirthYuri Andrukhovych, Ukrainian writer, poet and political essayist
March 13th, 1960 (March 13 1960)BirthAdam Clayton, Irish bassist (U2)
March 13th, 1960 (March 13 1960)BirthJoe Ranft, American animator (died in 2005)
March 13th, 1959 (March 13 1959)BirthKathy Hilton, socialite-Hilton Hotels, mother of Nikki Hilton and Paris Hilton
March 13th, 1958 (March 13 1958)BirthLinda Robson, English actress.
March 13th, 1957 (March 13 1957)EventCuban student revolutionaries storm the presidential palace in Havana in a failed attempt on the life of President Fulgencio Batista.
March 13th, 1957 (March 13 1957)BirthSteve Lake, American baseball player
March 13th, 1957 (March 13 1957)BirthJohn Hoeven, American politician, governor of North Dakota
March 13th, 1956 (March 13 1956)BirthDana Delany, American actress
March 13th, 1955 (March 13 1955)BirthBruno Conti, Italian footballer
March 13th, 1955 (March 13 1955)BirthGlenne Headly, American actress
March 13th, 1955 (March 13 1955)DeathKing Tribhuvan of Nepal (born in 1906)
March 13th, 1954 (March 13 1954)EventBattle of Di?n Bien Ph?: Viet Minh forces attack the French.
March 13th, 1953 (March 13 1953)BirthDeborah Raffin, American actress
March 13th, 1952 (March 13 1952)BirthWolfgang Rihm, German composer
March 13th, 1951 (March 13 1951)BirthFred Berry, American actor and dancer (died in 2003)
March 13th, 1950 (March 13 1950)BirthCharles Krauthammer, American political commentator
March 13th, 1950 (March 13 1950)BirthWilliam H. Macy, American actor
March 13th, 1949 (March 13 1949)BirthHiroshi Kazato, Japanese racing driver (died in 1974)
March 13th, 1949 (March 13 1949)BirthJulia Migenes, American soprano
March 13th, 1949 (March 13 1949)DeathHenri Giraud, French general (born in 1879)
March 13th, 1948 (March 13 1948)BirthRobert S. Woods, American actor
March 13th, 1947 (March 13 1947)BirthBeat Richner, Swiss physician and cellist
March 13th, 1946 (March 13 1946)BirthYonatan Netanyahu, Israeli soldier (died in 1976)
March 13th, 1945 (March 13 1945)BirthAnatoly Timofeevich Fomenko, Russian mathematician
March 13th, 1943 (March 13 1943)EventWorld War II: In Bougainville, Japanese troops end their assault on American forces at Hill 700.
March 13th, 1943 (March 13 1943)EventThe Holocaust: German forces liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Krakow.
March 13th, 1943 (March 13 1943)BirthAndre Techine, French film director and screenwriter
March 13th, 1943 (March 13 1943)DeathStephen Vincent Benet, American author (born in 1898)
March 13th, 1942 (March 13 1942)BirthDave Cutler, American software engineer
March 13th, 1942 (March 13 1942)BirthGeoffrey Hayes, English television presenter and actor
March 13th, 1942 (March 13 1942)BirthScatman John, (real name John Larkin) American singer (died in 1999)
March 13th, 1941 (March 13 1941)DeathElizabeth Madox Roberts, American poet and novelist (born in 1881)
March 13th, 1940 (March 13 1940)EventThe Russo-Finnish Winter War ends.
March 13th, 1939 (March 13 1939)BirthNeil Sedaka, American singer and songwriter
March 13th, 1938 (March 13 1938)EventWorld News Roundup is broadcast for the first time on CBS Radio in the United States.
March 13th, 1938 (March 13 1938)BirthErma Franklin, American singer (died in 2002)
March 13th, 1938 (March 13 1938)DeathNikolai Ivanovich Bukharin, Russian politician and intellectual (born in 1888)
March 13th, 1938 (March 13 1938)DeathClarence Darrow, American attorney (born in 1857)Clarence Darrow Quotes
March 13th, 1935 (March 13 1935)BirthJoseph Mascolo, American actor
March 13th, 1935 (March 13 1935)BirthLeslie Parrish, American actress
March 13th, 1935 (March 13 1935)BirthMichael Walzer, American philosopher Philo Quotes
March 13th, 1934 (March 13 1934)BirthBarry Hughart, American author
March 13th, 1933 (March 13 1933)EventGreat Depression: Banks in the U.S. begin to re-open after President Franklin D. Roosevelt mandated a "bank holiday".
March 13th, 1933 (March 13 1933)BirthMike Stoller, American songwriter
March 13th, 1930 (March 13 1930)EventThe news of the discovery of Pluto is telegraphed to the Harvard College Observatory.
March 13th, 1930 (March 13 1930)BirthJan Howard, American singer
March 13th, 1930 (March 13 1930)BirthLiz Anderson, American country music singer-songwriter
March 13th, 1929 (March 13 1929)BirthPeter Breck, American actor
March 13th, 1927 (March 13 1927)BirthRobert Denning, American interior designer (died in 2005)
March 13th, 1926 (March 13 1926)BirthRaul Alfonsin, President of Argentina
March 13th, 1926 (March 13 1926)BirthRoy Haynes, American jazz drummer
March 13th, 1926 (March 13 1926)BirthCarlos Roberto Reina, President of Honduras (died in 2003)
March 13th, 1925 (March 13 1925)EventScopes Trial: A law in Tennessee prohibits the teaching of evolution.
March 13th, 1925 (March 13 1925)DeathLucille Ricksen, American actress (born in 1909)
March 13th, 1923 (March 13 1923)BirthWilliam F. Bolger, 65th Postmaster General of the United States (died in 1989)
March 13th, 1921 (March 13 1921)EventMongolia, under Baron Roman Ungern von Sternberg, declares its independence from China.
March 13th, 1921 (March 13 1921)BirthAl Jaffee, American cartoonist
March 13th, 1920 (March 13 1920)EventThe Kapp Putsch briefly oust the Weimar Republic government from Berlin.
March 13th, 1918 (March 13 1918)DeathCesar Cui, Russian composer (born in 1835)
March 13th, 1914 (March 13 1914)BirthEdward O Hare, American pilot (died in 1943)
March 13th, 1914 (March 13 1914)BirthW.O. Mitchell, Canadian writer (died in 1998)
March 13th, 1913 (March 13 1913)BirthWilliam Casey, American CIA director (died in 1987)
March 13th, 1913 (March 13 1913)BirthLambros Konstantaras, Greek actor (died in 1985)
March 13th, 1913 (March 13 1913)BirthSergey Mikhalkov, Russian writer
March 13th, 1911 (March 13 1911)BirthL. Ron Hubbard, American science fiction author and founder of Scientology (died in 1986)L. Ron Hubbard Quotes
March 13th, 1911 (March 13 1911)DeathJohn J. Toffey, American Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient (born in 1844)
March 13th, 1910 (March 13 1910)BirthKarl Gustav Ahlefeldt, Danish actor (died in 1985)
March 13th, 1910 (March 13 1910)BirthSammy Kaye, American musician (died in 1987)
March 13th, 1908 (March 13 1908)BirthWalter Annenberg, American publisher and philanthropist (died in 2002)
March 13th, 1907 (March 13 1907)BirthMircea Eliade, Romanian historian of religions and writer (died in 1986)
March 13th, 1906 (March 13 1906)DeathSusan B. Anthony, American women s suffrage activist (born in 1820)Susan B. Anthony Quotes
March 13th, 1901 (March 13 1901)DeathBenjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the United States (born in 1833)
March 13th, 1900 (March 13 1900)EventSecond Boer War: British forces occupy Bloemfontein, Orange Free State.
March 13th, 1900 (March 13 1900)EventIn France the length of the workday for women and children is limited to 11 hours by law.
March 13th, 1900 (March 13 1900)BirthBela Guttman, Hungarian footballer (died in 1981)
March 13th, 1900 (March 13 1900)BirthGiorgos Seferis, Greek poet, Nobel laureate (died in 1971)
March 13th, 1899 (March 13 1899)BirthJohn Hasbrouck van Vleck, American physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1980)
March 13th, 1899 (March 13 1899)BirthJan Lechon, Polish poet (died in 1956)
March 13th, 1898 (March 13 1898)BirthHenry Hathaway, American film director and producer (died in 1985)
March 13th, 1897 (March 13 1897)EventSan Diego State University is founded.
March 13th, 1890 (March 13 1890)BirthFritz Busch, German conductor (died in 1951)
March 13th, 1884 (March 13 1884)EventThe siege of Khartoum, Sudan begins, ending on January 26, 1885.
March 13th, 1884 (March 13 1884)BirthSir Hugh Walpole, English novelist (died in 1941)
March 13th, 1884 (March 13 1884)DeathLeland Stanford, Jr., son of American railroad magnate, Stanford University named for him (born in 1868)
March 13th, 1883 (March 13 1883)BirthEnrico Toselli, Italian (Florentine) composer and pianist(died in 1926)
March 13th, 1881 (March 13 1881)EventAlexander II of Russia is killed near his palace when a bomb is thrown at him. (Gregorian date: it was March 1 in the Julian calendar then in use in Russia.) Julian Quotes
March 13th, 1881 (March 13 1881)DeathTsar Alexander II of Russia (born in 1818)
March 13th, 1879 (March 13 1879)DeathAdolf Anderssen, German chess player (born in 1818)
March 13th, 1870 (March 13 1870)BirthAlbert Meyer, member of the Swiss Federal Council in the 1930s (died in 1953)
March 13th, 1865 (March 13 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: The Confederate States of America agree to the use of African American troops.
March 13th, 1864 (March 13 1864)BirthAlexej von Jawlensky, Russian painter (died in 1941)
March 13th, 1862 (March 13 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: The U.S. federal government forbids all Union army officers from returning fugitive slaves, thus effectively annulling the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 and setting the stage for the Emancipation Proclamation.
March 13th, 1860 (March 13 1860)BirthHugo Wolf, Austrian composer (died in 1903)
March 13th, 1855 (March 13 1855)BirthPercival Lowell, American astronomer (died in 1916)Percival Lowell Quotes
March 13th, 1855 (March 13 1855)BirthB. H. Roberts, Mormon leader, historian, and politician (died in 1933)
March 13th, 1854 (March 13 1854)DeathJean-Baptiste Guillaume Joseph, comte de Villele, French statesman (born in 1773)
March 13th, 1845 (March 13 1845)EventFelix Mendelssohn s Violin Concerto is premiered in Leipzig with Ferdinand David as soloist.
March 13th, 1842 (March 13 1842)DeathHenry Shrapnel, British soldier and inventor (born in 1761)
March 13th, 1825 (March 13 1825)BirthHans Gude, Norwegian romanticist landscape painter (died in 1903)
March 13th, 1815 (March 13 1815)BirthJames Curtis Hepburn, American missionary and linguist (died in 1911)
March 13th, 1808 (March 13 1808)DeathKing Christian VII of Denmark (born in 1749)
March 13th, 1803 (March 13 1803)DeathWilliam Emes, English landscape architect (born in 1729 or 1730)
March 13th, 1798 (March 13 1798)BirthAbigail Fillmore, First Lady of the United States (died in 1853)
March 13th, 1784 (March 13 1784)BirthJean Moufot, French philosopher and mathematician (died in 1842) Philo Quotes
March 13th, 1781 (March 13 1781)EventWilliam Herschel discovers Uranus.
March 13th, 1781 (March 13 1781)BirthKarl Friedrich Schinkel, German architect (died in 1841)
March 13th, 1778 (March 13 1778)DeathCharles le Beau, French historian (born in 1701)
March 13th, 1773 (March 13 1773)DeathPhilibert Commercon, French naturalist and explorer (born in 1727)
March 13th, 1770 (March 13 1770)BirthDaniel Lambert, Englishman famous for his obesity (died in 1809)
March 13th, 1764 (March 13 1764)BirthEarl Grey, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1845)
March 13th, 1763 (March 13 1763)BirthGuillaume Marie Anne Brune, French marshal (died in 1815)
March 13th, 1741 (March 13 1741)BirthJoseph II, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1790)
March 13th, 1733 (March 13 1733)BirthJoseph Priestley, English scientist and minister (died in 1804)Joseph Priestley Quotes
March 13th, 1720 (March 13 1720)BirthCharles Bonnet, Swiss naturalist and writer (died in 1793)
March 13th, 1719 (March 13 1719)BirthJohn Griffin Whitwell, 4th Baron Howard de Walden, British field marshal (died in 1797)
March 13th, 1711 (March 13 1711)DeathNicolas Boileau-Despreaux, French poet and critic (born in 1636)
March 13th, 1700 (March 13 1700)BirthMichel Blavet, French flutist (died in 1768)
March 13th, 1683 (March 13 1683)BirthJohn Theophilus Desaguliers, French-British philosopher (died in 1744) Philo Quotes
March 13th, 1639 (March 13 1639)EventHarvard College is named for clergyman John Harvard.
March 13th, 1619 (March 13 1619)DeathRichard Burbage, English actor (born in 1567)
March 13th, 1615 (March 13 1615)BirthPope Innocent XII (died in 1700)
March 13th, 1604 (March 13 1604)DeathArnaud d Ossat, French diplomat and writer (born in 1537)
March 13th, 1573 (March 13 1573)DeathMichel de l Hopital, French statesman
March 13th, 1569 (March 13 1569)DeathLouis I de Bourbon, Prince de Conde, French Huguenot general (born in 1530)
March 13th, 1516 (March 13 1516)DeathKing Ladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary (born in 1456)
March 13th, 1395 (March 13 1395)DeathJohn Barbour, Scottish poetJohn Scott Quotes
March 13th, 1372 (March 13 1372)BirthLouis of Valois, Duke of Orleans, brother of Charles VI of France (died in 1407)
March 13th, 1271 (March 13 1271)DeathHenry of Almain, English crusader (born in 1235)
March 13th, 1138 (March 13 1138)EventCardinal Gregorio Conti is elected Antipope as Victor IV, succeeding Anacletus II.

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